L-SATCHEL BAG 極簡大方包・BLACK黑-封面- 本相造物所selfportrait
L-SATCHEL BAG 極簡大方包・BROWN棕-封面- 本相造物所selfportrait
L-SATCHEL BAG 極簡大方包・OLIVE GREEN橄欖綠-封面- 本相造物所selfportrait
05L-SATCHEL BAG 極簡大方包・BROWN棕-本相造物所selfportrait






  • 尺寸:W28 x H19 x D9 cm
  • 材質:歐洲植鞣牛皮、黃銅釦件、蠟線
  • 顏色:棕色
  • 設計/產地:台灣
  • 原料來源:歐洲、台灣
  • 配件:防塵套一只、提袋一個
  • 內袋:一大二小
  • 外袋 : 一小
  • 售價:NTD 7680

The low-key and hit the spot design is the best

interpretation of our bag series. In the design of the satchel bag series, from the quantity, size, position of the metal hardware to the length, width, and thickness proportion of the bag body, it has always been our persistence on the appearance. All of this is not only to meet the available and easy to use, but also keep more low-key bag design that still maintains close to the precise beauty. 

Therefore, after the first-generation satchel bag series was produced, we still continued to revise all the details and proportions, trying to achieve the most appropriate design in terms of use and aesthetics. 

The satchel bag leather is made by European vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, which deliberately presents the leather’s natural and warm texture. Over time, the leather surface will have a unique shiny. And with golden clip to improve the overall texture.

  • Size: W28 x H19 x D9 cm
  • Material: European Vegetable Tanned Cowhide, Brass Fasteners, Wax String
  • Color: Brown
  • Design/Made: Taiwan
  • Source: Europe, Taiwan
  • Accessories: Dust Cover X1, Bag X1
  • Inner Bag: Big X1, Small X2
  • Outer Bag: Small X1
  • Price: NTD 7680