It's about Selfportrait sutdio.






Selfportrait is a creative and design studio including a variety of types and aspects. We are interested in the unpredictable results and possibilities of creativities and materials while they working together in design.

We design daily leather goods and also make them by hand. Through slowly process of handmade, it tries not only to fight back the effects of tedious, monotonous, and fast daily life from industrialization but also create the unique, valuable, and wonderful daily products.

We design architecture, interior, and furniture. Via design, we present what the ideal living situation it could be. And also, putting the handmade attitude in different scale to create a greater lifestyle.

We love and also invest in photography. It inspires us in design while we catching city life images, thinking the relationships between events and streets, focusing on a variety of issues in city developments.
We focus on material organization and creativity of materialization. By using specific combination with daily normal materials, it makes them in conversation and create many interesting spaces and material sculptures.