04Neo-London Map / 新倫敦地圖-PROJECTS-本相造物所selfportrait
01Micro City / 微型城市-PROJECTS-本相造物所selfportrait
01Non-Utilitarian Constructions / 非功能性構造物-PROJECTS-本相造物所selfportrait
01Non-Utilitarian Constructions / 非功能性構造物-PROJECTS-本相造物所selfportrait




首先,模型被置入在Anatomy Building前方介於大樓與街道之間的外露管道空間位置。此管道空間位置正好介於地面層、地下室、以及街道這三者之間,形成一個有趣的空間邊界模糊關係。 因此這個模型的置入或許可以拉近彼此的關係並且將彼此的關係定義得更清楚,並且也可更有效率的使用管道空間。管道可以被視為建築結構的延伸,它同時分割也連結這三者空間,也成為模型的放置位置。接著,在管道空間這範圍選擇了兩個位置分別為Site1與Site2,分別放置模型去佔據空間,並透過從模型延伸出的構造,試著去連結與改變建築物與街道的原有關係。在Site1,模型被設置並延展成為階梯去連結地下室與街道,試著給予兩者空間更明確的關係。在Site2,模型被延展成為一座橋梁去跨越接到並連結建築物與行道樹,試著在這形體的延展與連結中去影響原有的街道狀態。

The forms and materials of “non-utilitarian constructions” were made by a variety of resources such as toys, daily objects, recycled materials, and some broken machines. Via breaking original objects or machines and reorganizing them, it may create some extraordinary shape which could occupy the place to impact spatial status.

The purpose of this experiment is to test dose the small scale non-utilitarian constructions impact the spatial status or not, and what people think it while they look them, and also how to redefine them to new meanings.

The model is located in front of the Anatomy Building, where there is pipeline space between the building and the street. This pipeline space shows a blur yet interesting relation among the ground floor, the basement, and the street. Therefore, the model may be able to make their relation clearer and closer, and also to use the pipeline space more effectively. The pipeline can be seen as an extended structure from the building. It divides and link these three places, and also been the stage of model. Therefore, the two points are chosen, as can be seen in the “site 1 and the site 2”, which are set up the models for occupying and impacting the situation of site. The models and the coordinators develop new alternatives to adjust the original relation between the building and the street with the extended construction. In site 1, the model is set to extend a stair connecting the basement and the street. The extended structure towards the building is a holder to hang the whole model. The model set as in site 2, is a bridge to link the building and the tree by the street with extend construction to impact the status of site.