封面SINGLE PEN CASE 幾何線筆套・BROWN棕​- 本相造物所selfportrait
SINGLE PEN CASE 幾何線筆套・OLIVE GREEN橄欖綠​-封面- 本相造物所selfportrait
01SINGLE PEN CASE 幾何線筆套・BROWN棕​- 本相造物所selfportrait





  • 尺寸:共兩款尺寸

     W18 x H3.2 x D1 cm (最大可裝直徑1.1cm筆寬)
     W18 x H3.7 x D1 cm (最大可裝直徑1.6cm筆寬)

  • 材質:歐洲植鞣牛皮、黃銅釦件、蠟線
  • 設計/產地:台灣
  • 原料來源:歐洲、台灣
  • 配件:防塵套一只、收納盒一組
  • 售價:NTD 990 

We like to go back to the original way of writing and drawing when we think of creation, which accumulates various possibilities and processes. A good pen with great texture is very important to us, and we believe that this pen has always been a favorite of designers and creators. Therefore, finding a proper home for your favorite pen is the reason why the pen case must be designed.

Different from the arc shape of the former pen case, in the design of this pen case, the visual tension of small objects is deliberately emphasized by cutting out the geometric shapes of the opposite ends through simple and neat tangent lines. The pen case hold in hand will become the visual focus of everyone.

The single pen case leather is made by European vegetable-tanned cowhide leather, which deliberately presents the leather’s natural and warm texture. Over time, the leather surface will have a unique shiny. And with brass fasteners to improve the overall texture.

  • Size: Two Types
    W18 x H3.2 x D1 cm (Maximum Pen Diameter 1.1cm)
    W18 x H3.7 x D1 cm (Maximum Pen Diameter 1.6cm)
  • Material: European Vegetable Tanned Cowhide, Brass Fasteners, Wax String
  • Color: Brown
  • Design/Made: Taiwan
  • Source: Europe, Taiwan
  • Accessories: Dust Cover X1, Box X1
  • Price: NTD 990